Step 1: Obtain a Pre-Approved Mortgage

Having a pre-approved mortgage is a step 1. that you must have complete when working with me. It will give you the confidence of knowing exactly what you can spend on a home before you start looking. You will also be protected against interest rate increases while you look for your new home. Your Mortgage Specialist will answer your questions and help you determine which financing terms and options are right for you. We will work as a team to help you find the right home and select the best financing. 

Step 2: Provide Info

I will ask you to answer a series of questions in regards to your vision of your new home. Questions that relate to the size of the house, community you wish to live in, type of home you wish to buy etc.

Step 3: Start looking

Based on your answers and your wish-list, I will select few houses that are currently for sale on the market for us to go & view.

Step 4: Write an Offer

After we find the right home for you, we will sit down and write an Offer to Purchase. The offer can be Firm or Conditional

Firm: You are prepared to purchase the home without any conditions, if its accepted, the home is yours.

Conditional Offer to Purchase: You’ve placed one or more conditions on the purchase, such as “Subject to Home           Inspection,” “Subject to Financing,” or “subject to sale of buyer’s existing home.” The home is not sold until all the conditions have been met.

For more information on Offer to Purchase please read The Major Elements of an Offer