To My Friends and Fellow Canadian Snowbirds

Dear Clients and all our friends thinking about retiring in Arizona:

James and I have thought about retiring and are now in Sun City Grand where we have chosen to rest and golf and dance during our golden years!!!
I will also be spending my time working for Ken Meade Realty – continuing my passion of selling real estate in Arizona.
I love to golf and would like to become better. Courses are everywhere, leaving no excuse not to practice!!!!!

Sun City Grand is home to four golf courses and two recreation centers with gyms, multiple pools and all the amenities your heart could desire. The air is clean, the people friendly, and we enjoy the atmosphere of our well planned community.

Don’t be mistaken, it’s more than just sunshine. Sun City Grand is located near Spring Training, U.S. Airways Center (home of the Phoenix Suns), Chase Field (home of the Arizona Diamondbacks), and Arena (home to NHL hockey!!!!). Additionally, all the wonderful amenities of the community are within walking or “carting” distance. You will never be bored.

Sun City Grand is home to 16,000 residents and home values range from $150,000 to $900,000 and condos typically sell for $75,000 to $300,000. Our neighbors are wonderful and everyone takes such pride in the community.

So please, join us today and retire in style!

Warmest regards,

Rhonda With An H