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Pjescana Uvala, Pula , Istria, Croatia

Pula  House for sale:  2 bedroom  Rain Shower, Glass Shower, Hardwood Floors 360 m² (Listed 2012-09-26)

Moving away from the city of Pula( 2km) and turning towards the sea, over the last thirty years, the inhabitants of nearby Pula have built a modern settlement in Pješcana Uvala, with private houses and family-run hotels. This bay boasts numerous... Read More

Premantura, Pula , Istria, Croatia

Pula  House for sale:  4 bedroom 200 m² (Listed 2012-09-26)

Premantura is surrounded by nature not many places can boast of. South of the town is Cape Kamenjak – a protected landscape 9.5 km long, 1.5 km wide, with altogether 30 km of indented coastline. No place in the world is the sea so blue-green, so... Read More

Vodnjan, Pula , Istria, Croatia

Vodnjan House for sale:  2 bedroom 200 m² (Listed 2012-09-26)

New modern built 2 storey home is energy efficient in every aspect. From in floor heating to solar energy, its build to save money on your monthly utility bills. This home features over 2,100 Sq.Ft and an outdoor swimming pool for your enjoyment. ... Read More